How to make Exceptional Homemade Vanilla Extract

How to make Exceptional Homemade Vanilla Extract


Embark on a culinary journey as we unveil the secrets to elevate your baking prowess with a homemade vanilla extract like no other. Our carefully curated recipe promises not just a flavorful concoction but a culinary masterpiece that will redefine your kitchen adventures.

Ingredients That Matter

To start this enchanting process, gather the essentials:

  • 8-10 Madagascar Vanilla Beans
  • 1 cup premium vodka (with a 35-40% alcohol content)

Equipment for Excellence

Equip yourself with the necessary tools:

  • Clean, sealable glass bottle or jar (swing tops recommended)
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Funnel

Crafting Your Liquid Gold

Step 1: Prep the Beans and Jar Placement

Begin by laying the vanilla beans on your cutting board. Slice them lengthwise, exposing the delicate vanilla seeds within. No need for precision; the goal is to unveil the aromatic richness. If your beans surpass the jar's length, a simple halving will suffice. Gently place the beans into the awaiting bottle or jar.

Step 2: Pour in the Vodka

With finesse, use the funnel to pour the premium vodka into the jar, ensuring it envelops the vanilla beans completely. Opt for a vodka of the highest quality to guarantee an extract of unparalleled excellence.

Step 3: Seal the Magic

Seal the jar tightly, readying it for the transformative process. A good shake now sets the stage for the alchemy to unfold.

Step 4: Store in a Dark Haven

Nestle your jar in a cool, dark sanctuary like a cupboard. This is where the magic begins, as time works its wonders on the melding of vanilla and vodka. Exercise patience; the reward is well worth the wait.

Step 5: Occasional Serenades

Every week, treat your concoction to a gentle symphony with a good shake. This step ensures the symphony of flavors harmonizes to perfection.

Step 6: Anticipate the Elixir

Exercise a (not-so) patient wait of at least 8 weeks, although the longer, the better. Witness the transformation of your extract into a captivating amber elixir, exuding an aroma that embodies pure happiness.

The Culmination: Liquid Gold Unveiled

Congratulations! You have bestowed upon your kitchen the gift of Pure Madagascar Vanilla Bean Extract. The final touch is yours to decide – strain the husks and seeds or let them linger. The extended waiting period enhances the extract's allure, creating a liquid gold that turns every dish into a masterpiece.


Homemade vanilla is the clandestine weapon every culinary enthusiast must possess. Delight in the enchantment of creating your own extract, and let its magic enhance the flavor of your creations. Taste the brilliance in every drop, as you unravel the culinary marvel that is homemade vanilla extract – your kitchen's best-kept secret.

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